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Fairy Tale

The huntsmen were amazed. Never had anything like this been known in the forest. They quickly decided that such a dangerous creature couldn’t be left to roam free. So the eldest son tied a rope around his waist, gave the end to the huntsmen, and walked into the pool. In one hand, he held a noose of rope, the end of which was given to the huntsmen, and the other hand he kept free.

The son quickly sank to his waist in the water. He stood still for a few moments, and when nothing happened, began to walk forward through the murky water, feeling about with his hands for some sign of the creature. He was soon up to his chin, but could feel nothing but the bottom of the pool sloping ever downward before him. He began to step sideways around the pool, staying chin deep in the water. He’d just made it a quarter of the way around the pool when he came to a sudden drop off and was plunged into the pool above his head. At that moment, the creature struck again.

The huntsmen thought that the splashing was simply the young man recovering his balance, and assumed he would resurface quickly. They quickly noticed though, that he’d been under water a moment too long, and began hauling with all their might on the rope.

The eldest brother was busy trying to fight off the grip of the creature, blinded by the darkness of the murky water. He could feel limbs brushing him, cinching around him, but he couldn’t get a hold, and he was running out of air.

There was a harsh yank around his middle and he was pulled to the surface, gasping for air. No sooner had he refilled his lungs than the creature pulled him under again. This time, he recalled the noose in his hand, and he looped it around as many limbs as he could find. There was another harsh yank, and he broke the surface again, only to be pulled under again. This time, though, his feet touched the bottom of the pool and he began to run as best he could toward shore, pull in the noose rope as hard as he could, and being dragged as well by the rope around his waist.

As soon as he neared chest depth, the creature released its hold on him. He shouted to the huntsmen to pull the noose rope as he scrambled back to shore to help them out. They all heaved, but again, it took all their strength to pull the line in. Soon they could see something thrashing about in the water, and they pulled even harder. Soon actual limbs became visible, what looked to be human arms and legs, tangled in the rope. Suddenly, the creature stood, stumbling, and looked at them. The rope slackened as everyone started in amazement. Before them, waist deep in the pool, stood the figure of a tall man. He wore no clothes, his hair hung far down his back, matted and dirty, and his skin was a motley of coppers, browns, and greens. Around his wrist was a band of tarnished copper.

The wild man walked slowly out of the pool, toward the stunned huntsmen and the young man. He stood before them, never making a sound, while they stood in stunned silence. Eventually the eldest son came to his senses, and bound the wild man by his wrists. The wild man offered no resistance as they bound him, nor as they led him back through the forest to the house. The dogs kept far away from him, trailing behind the party silently.

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