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woo story time. genre=teen angst/romance

Have you ever noticed that life is really like a soap opera sometimes? Some of the things we fight over are so stupid and we hate to admit it but life is really like a soap opera. I can't tell you how many time's i've witnessed a fight; both people crying and at each other's throats; and i've wanted to say (or did say) "isn't this just like a soap opera?" Well this story's like a soap opera. But in my opinion it's one of those few that's actually good.
Last week my mom told me that we'd be getting two new foster kids. Brother and sister; the brother fifteen--my age--and the sister was eleven. You see, my *biological* parents also take in foster kids. It's kinda nice for me too because i get to meet new people and i really feel like i'm helping out the community.
Today those two kids are coming here. We cleaned the house and prepped the two guest rooms (we can only take two kids at a time). I was particularly excited about these foster kids because one of them was my age. Mom told me not to get too attached though because eventually they'll have to go home. She tells me that every time and i think by now i know just how to act. There was a knock at the front door and Dad went to go answer it. It was them, Brian and Stephanie. They were both African-American. Brian looked kinda nice but Stephanie looked kinda weird. My mom said that she was particularly tramatized by foster care and had quite a few nervous break downs. I came to the front door after my dad called me and took a good look at them. Brian held out his hand and smiled, "Hi. My name's Brian. How are you?" I shook his hand and said, "I'm fine, how are you? My name is Jade."
The next day, I walked with Brian to school so he could become familiar with the route. He was actually pretty quiet. Maybe it was because he moved to so many different places he doesn't really have the best people skills. I wonder how many friends he's ever had. I thought about this then Brian asked, "Hey, Jade?" "Yeah" "What homeroom are you in?" "uhh... homeroom D. why" "i think we're in the same class" he said looking at his schedule sheet. "Hey lemme see that" i said. He was right, we were in the same homeroom. "yeah you're right" i said. "well that's cool, right? I mean you could have an easier time to help me around the school until i get the hang of things." he said. "yeah" i had forgotten that he was new to the school. Geez, you have a new foster brother for one night and it seems like you've known them forever. But I still hadn't asked him why he was a foster kid. I thought maybe now would be a good time to ask him. "Hey Brian? Can I ask you a question?" "Uh.. sure." "If you don't mind talking about it; What exactly caused you to become a foster child?" "Oh well, you see... don't freak out or anything but..." he said nervously, "W-well can you keep a secret. I mean you tell no one about this?" "Sure," i said, "As a foster sister i'm sworn to secracy" "Well it's like this: When Stephanie and i were little, my dad had one too many drinks one night and started to beat up my mom. Eventually, my mom had to fight back and she accidentaly killed him." he said. I was shocked; i've heard some pretty bad stories but this was the most heart wrenching. He continued, "So the government took me and stephanie in and my mom was thrown in a mental instutution after the shock of killing her husband. So now until my mom can get a grip, we--Stephanie and me--have been moving from foster home to foster home." "oh i'm so sorry... Brian, if you ever need anything from me, sympathy, empathy, or a hug or something, i'll be there for you." i said. i felt so bad for him. "Heh. thanks." he smiled, "that's really kind of you."
we had just reached the school so Brian wiped the tears that were forming at his eyes. "hey it's okay. I'm sure you'll like it here. just try not to think about it right now." i said. "yeah, you're right." he said. and we walked into the school

and i'll continue it later if i get good feedback. :)
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